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Local & USA Permit Expeditors

Our permit expediting services help streamline the permitting process for construction projects, renovations, and other real estate developments. These services can save time and resources, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule and within budget. 

Residential Permit Expediting

  • Single-family home permits

  • Multi-family home permits

  • Home additions and renovations

  • Deck, patio, and fence permits

  • Swimming pool and spa permits

  • Solar panel installation permits

  • Demolition permits

Commercial Permit Expediting
  • New commercial construction permits

  • Commercial renovation permits

  • Tenant improvement permits

  • Change of occupancy permits

  • Signage permits

  • Parking lot and landscape permits

  • Green building and energy efficiency permits

Specialized Permit Expediting
  • Historic preservation permits

  • Land use and zoning permits

  • Conditional use permits

  • Variance requests and zoning appeals

  • Environmental impact permits

  • Telecommunication and cell tower permits


Residential & Commercial Sectors

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Permit Expediting & Consulting

Building Permits, Trade Permits, Demolition Permits, DDOT Permits, Sign Permits, Raze Permits, New Tenant Layout Permit, Elevator Permits, New Construction Permits, Etc.

New Town

Construction Planning

Construction planning often reduces cost and aligns your vision with the final project outcome. To learn more about our construction planning services, please contact us. 

Abstract Architecture

Feasibility Study & Zoning Research

We perform feasibility studies to assess the viability of a project. Our studies are used to determine the likelihood of a project’s success and can influence an owner or investors decision to acquire a property.

Architectural Plans

Drafting & Design Services

We provide final design plans and even engineered plans that will allow you to bid your project and submit for a building permit.

Open Store Sign

Occupancy Permit & Business Licensing

We assist in gathering together all of your occupancy & business license requirements, filing in the paperwork, and submitting them to the proper authorities.


Stop Work Order Representative

We assist with stop work order removal in various ways including representation and on time filing of all paperwork to the local government jurisdictions.

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